This is one of the 4 new Elite Enemies that was added in the Superstars (Update), along with The Yeti, The Ninja and The Cyborg. His appearance-wise is basically the whole Easter Bunny Set, and that he also carries a Hunter Shotgun. However, both him and the Yeti are only available in Trial 1 of the Event.


Easter Bunny carries a Hunter Shotgun. He moves fairly fast and does reload his weapon but can also can fire it with good rate. His accuracy is not as good as the other bots like The Yeti but beware, he can kill you with one shot in close range.


Very similar to how the Bots in Missions are, he can also shoots the player, and while carrying his Hunter Shotgun, he's actually very alert of his surroundings. Although accuracy-wise, his aim can be off, along with his health pool of only 4x that of Rocket Crush, he can be a difficult bot to take down.If using weak weapons then use Stun Grenade or other stun gadgets.He gives you only 200 Alien Points when being killed with his full health.So choose right equipment when dealing with him. He is fairly easy to kill, compared to the Yeti.


  • Being killed by the Easter Bunny
  • Earning points for killing the Easter Bunny!
  • Easter Bunny from rear side.
  • We killed each other at same time.
  • Easter Bunny up close


  • If both him and The Yeti see each other, they will actually start shooting at each other instead of the player(s) nearby!
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