Respawnables Elite Enemy 6 Eagle

Respawnables Elite Enemy 6 Eagle

Eagle is an Elite Enemy that is introduced in Respawnables after Flame. He uses the Revolver, which makes him a powerful elite enemy to face. This also makes Eagle the first Elite Enemy to use a weapon bought using cash.


Eagle appears to wear the equipment stereotypically worn by cowboys.


Eagle is threatening for players that are unaware, slow, or at long ranges. His weakness is that, while he excels in single combat, he can only pick off one enemy at a time, since the Revolver has a slow fire rate and small clip size to make up for its high and accurate damage output. Vulcan Dynamite and Snake Predator can easily overwhelm Eagle in close-quarters combat, due to the Revolver being most effective at long to mid range(s). These bots may not always kill him, but they can bring his health down to a notably low level. Shotguns, Sniper Rifles (when Eagle is unaware, of course), or explosives, when used right, can kill Eagle with little resistance, since his equipment does not provide a health bonus.

To make the fight against him easier, you can wear the Brazilian Warrior Vest, which nerfs the Revolver by 60%, a blessing for those having trouble defeating him.

Trivia Edit

  • Judging by his equipment, he's possibly a reference to Chuck Norris's appearance in the movie Texas Rangers.
  • Eagle is a good way to train up for tougher Elite Enemies such as Rex or Nightmare.
  • Eagle's name probably also makes up for his gun and his medium accuracy; in single player, he nearly never misses.
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