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Respawnables - Dynamite

Respawnables - Dynamite

The Dynamite is the second gadget available and it is unlocked at level 4 and costs 10 GoldIcon per 10 dynamite sticks. When thrown, they take 3 seconds to detonate before dealing massive damage to an opponent or even yourself due to its explosive power.


The Dynamite has longer fuse than Hand Grenades (3 seconds, compared to 2), but it can deal EXTREMELY MASSIVE damage, able to eliminate even the most armored opponents with its powerful explosion and blast radius, best represented by the red BOOM! that appears, different from it's yellow relative.

The Dynamite may be able to take out even the most powerful enemies easily, but it does give an opponent time to run away due to its long fuse. In addition, the danger of being killed by your own blast due to obstructions are higher due to its increased explosive damage.

Nonetheless, this gadget is great for taking out groups of unsuspecting enemies. 

Sometimes, it is a good idea to rebound the dynamite off a wall since the long fuse gives it time to land. 

However, this powerful gadget has its weakness, which is, being an explosive, dealing low damage to those who are wearing Anti-Explosive Pack or Red Hero Armor


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The Dynamite being replaced by the Holiday Candy!

  • In a Holiday/Christmas-themed update, this gadget is replaced by the Holiday Candy.
  • In a Chinese New Year-themed Update, this gadget is replaced by the Firecracker.
  • This is the only explosive that deals more damage than both the Ultra Grenade and the Thumper.
  • Although the Explosive Candy has the same properties as this, the Explosive Candy does not replaced this gadget during Halloween events and can be kept until it is used up.

    Dynamite in real life

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