The Duck (aka target) is a new feature introduced in the Archery Tournament and Archery Tournament 2. They spawn a few seconds in random areas after the match starts. Hit them to get points and progress in the event. When hit, they produce a cute 'quack' sound and set on fire. Normal shots to a duck give you 1 point in the event, meanwhile, long-range shots give you an extra 4 points, for a total of 5 points. Some ducks are easier to get long range shots off because they spawn at high places. Also, more than 1 duck can spawn in the same spot, so you can use the Bow to pierce two ducks at the same time.

A picture of a duck


  • When a duck spawns you can hear a quack sound. Using volume while playing can help you to find a duck spawns near you.
  • Attempting to shoot a duck with any other weapon than a bow is useless, as the same symbol when shooting a player with the Immunity Shield will appear.
  • When you hit a duck then a burning animation appears and it vanishes with a quack sound.
  • In Archery Tournament 2, two new duck targets are added. A small red duck and smaller green duck.

As you can see, the Armed Guitar Case has no effect on the Duck