The Dual Water Balloner is a water-based weapon that was added in the 'Duck Joe' Cooler during the Post-Vacation Blues.


Compared to its much more distant 'cousin' these Dual Weapons outclass them by a large margin, having good damage, agility, ammo count and fire rate, as well as a large splash radius to really hurt enemies in mid-range, however at long range these weapons lose a lot of their power, and in close combat there is no surer way to die. Furthermore the awkward projectiles take some getting used to as they dip relatively quickly forcing their users to attack at said ranges, as well as making them an easy target for more capable weapons. 

The best use of these weapons goes in a Run And Gun strategy, where the carriers can run up to a safe distance and deal heavy damage to unsuspecting enemy players, and better yet these Launchers have the power to cut through tank builds. Watch out for Bows , Launchers , Heavy Weapons , and Shotguns.

Analysis Edit

Advantages Edit

  • High agility.
  • High damage.
  • Water weapon, meaning it has water effect.
  • Decent clip size.
  • Decent reloading speed.
  • Projectile explodes upon impact.

Disadvantages Edit

Trivia Edit

  • This weapon has the same model as the Dual Grenade Pistols.
  • "Balloner" should actually be spelt "Ballooner", because the word balloon is spelt with a double "o".

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