The Dual Snowgun is a Water-type Launcher weapon. It was added in the Winter Camp 2018 Update, and was available in the Raggedy Santa Backpack during Winter Camp 2018.


these Dual Weapons are much the same as the Le Cocotier Dual, being that they fire large projectiles with a stunning ability, however this gun also has water effects going for them. Besides that however, there really is no stand out feature, they have awkward projectiles that can be very ineffective at range, and can be quickly outgunned by agility builds and far reaches .Thankfully, these weapons are somewhat strong up close, and if the projectiles hit then ammo is not so quickly consumed,

The best strategy would be a Run And Gun, as the high damage up close, decent fire rate, and passive stun and water effects make the user a serious threat; however do still avoid Shotguns, Bows, Heavy Weapons, and other Dual Weapons.



  • Amazing damage
  • Decent Rate of fire
  • Water effects!
  • Can be buffed


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