For the single counterpart, see Poison Dart Handgun.

The Dual Poison Handgun is a poison-based handgun released in the Carnival 2018 Update as a part of the Brazilian Brawler Gear. This weapon does the same damage and has the same range and rate of fire as the Poison Dart Handgun. It sacrifices some agility and accuracy in exchange for a doubled clip size.

Weapon Analysis


  • Good range for a handgun.
  • Poisons targets upon hitting them, gradually damaging them over time!
  • Good clip size (6).
  • Can be buffed with certain equipments, most notably the B.B. Jacket.
  • Fast reload speed.
  • Can poison those using Immunity Shield so that they will be poisoned after the shield wears off.
  • Good agility, considering its long range.


  • Very slow rate of fire, equivalent to that of the Poison Dart Handgun.
  • The accuracy is low enough for you to miss shots.
  • The weapon deals low damage without the poison effect, making it very possible for your enemies to finish you off before the poison effect actually kills them.
  • Poison damage can be easily healed off with Medikit or certain other equipments, most notably the Impaler's Eyepatch.
  • Can be nerfed by poison-nerfing and handgun-nerfing equipments like the Poison Hunter Hat and the Blackbird Headset.
  • You can't strafe quickly with this weapon.


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