For the single counterpart, see Poison Dart Handgun.

The Dual Poison Handgun is a poison-based handgun released in the Carnival 2018 Update as a part of the Brazilian Brawler Gear. This weapon does the same damage and has the same range and rate of fire as the Poison Dart Handgun. It sacrifices some agility and accuracy in exchange for a slightly increased clip size

Strategy Edit

Although these weapons do look much less menacing than other dual variants, these are no joke! Trading its accuracy for a large clip count, good damage, fire rate, and a very fast reload speed; overall make this Dual Weapons great against enemies at any range as it has one-shot capabilities no matter how far the target is. Furthermore the damage helps this weapon quickly take down tank mains that would be a threat, and along that line most anti poison gears are of little hope as all previously mentioned pros make these Poison Weapons a powerhouse to compete with.

Unlike most other Dual Weapons and Handguns, these guns can run off on a Run And Gun strategy or settle for a Camping strategy as they are suitable to any range! There is no damage drop off at range and the reload speed helps this weapon compete against some of the best Pellet Weapons in the game. Be careful though as their power is not limitless, users can still be taken down by Heavy Weapons, Bows, and Launchers.

Weapon AnalysisEdit


  • Good range for a handgun.
  • Poisons targets upon hitting them, gradually damaging them over time!
  • Good clip size (8).
  • Can be buffed with certain equipment's, most notably the B.B. Jacket.
  • Fast reload speed.
  • Can poison those using Immunity Shield so that they will be poisoned after the shield wears off.
  • Good agility, considering its long range.


  • Very slow rate of fire, equivalent to that of the Poison Dart Handgun.
  • The accuracy is low enough for you to miss shots.
  • The weapon deals low damage without the poison effect, making it very possible for your enemies to finish you off before the poison effect actually kills them.
  • Poison damage can be easily healed off with Medikit or certain other equipment's, most notably the Impaler's Eyepatch.
  • Can be nerfed by poison-nerfing and handgun-nerfing equipment's like the Poison Hunter Hat and the Blackbird Headset.
  • You can't strafe quickly with this weapon.


  • This weapon should be named "Dual Poison Dart Handgun," but the developers did not include the word "Dart."
  • It is the 8th weapon to be the double variant of an already existing weapon. The first seven dual weapons are Dual RevolversDual Rookie Machine GunsDual Stake LaunchersDual Freedom RevolversDual Airsoft SMGDual Blasters and Dual Blunderbuss.
  • The bullets it fires are green, while the bullets from Poison Dart Handgun are bright yellow.
  • When firing, the guns do not flinch up and down (from recoil) like most of the other handguns, even including its single counterpart. As of Carnival 2018 (Update), the only other handgun that possesses this attribute is the Fire Spitter.
  • When firing, the "bang" sign that shows up is green and covered in poison drops to further emphasize the fact that this weapon is a poison weapon.
  • In the Overflow event this weapon received two extra darts (traditionally having only six darts in the magazine).

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