Dual Weapons that were added during Summer Camp 7, and were provided in the Mime Pack.

Strategy Edit

Much like the classic Dual Weapons in the game, these handguns provide decent damage at close range with a fast fire rate, and good cartridge supply. Against other weapons of similar attributes, these are superior as against the Darkness Combo Guns, this weapon requires no gear to significantly increase it's damage output, plus it's range is better as well as its ammo count; against the Dual Hand Handgun these weapons are still better with much more range to sacrifice instead of damage. Sadly against other Dual Weapons, it is guaranteed that they will be quickly outclassed by other dual handguns and Magical Weapons, as it's short range is it's major penalty.

As for the best strategy, go for a Run And Gun, as your short range, yet high damage output make you a threat at close quarters, and with the very swift reload and ammunition you wont have to worry about dying due to lack of ammo or reload, it measures best against Shotguns and Rifles where you can outmaneuver your opponent and deliver lethal damage. As expected though these gloves can be quickly countered by Bows and Heavy Weapons, as your short range makes you dead weight on the front lines. With the bundle, the only going is the Mime Head, which can only increase protection upon respawn for ten seconds, making it hard to take full advantage of it without the timer running out in longer ranged maps, but in short range maps it can be used to just barely survive a would-be two-shot weapon.

Analysis Edit


  • Amazing reload speed
  • Good clip size
  • Good rate of fire
  • Strong damage
  • Fair agility


  • Low rage
  • Low accuracy
  • Can be nerfed

Trivia Edit

  • Share the same reload animation as the Dual Hand Handgun
  • Have the fastest reload of any weapon without buffs currently

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