The Dual Golden Pistol is a weapon added in the Mexican Fiesta 3 (Update).

Strategy Edit

The weapon is the golden version of the Dual Pistols. It boasts a clip size of 30, Great Agility & it is most effective at mid-close range or less, so be wary against long-range weapon users. Also, with it's poor accuracy, the Run & Gun strategy is best for this weapon, Circle around your enemy and kill them at close range.

Camping is not recommended due to short range and bad accuracy.

Analysis Edit


  • Good damage. Killing a player with less than 30% health in 3 shots at close range.
  • Great Agility.
  • Large clip size for a handgun (30).
  • Fast reload speed (roughly 1 second).
  • Can be buffed by handgun buffing equipments.


  • Bad Accuracy.
  • Slow rate of fire (2.4 shots per second).
  • Severe damage drop-off at mid-range.

Trivia Edit

  • Each handgun looks exactly like the Golden Pistol but the weapon's mechanics are modeled after the Dual Pistols
  • The weapons are based off two Desert Eagles.
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