The Dual Flintlock Pistols is a dual weapon first introduced on the Summer Camp 4 (Update). It could only be obtained by finishing the final trial of the Summer Camp 4 (Event). It boasts excellent damage and agility, moderate range but poor accuracy.

Overview Edit

The weapon is a variant of the Dual Pistols, with each handgun possessing only 1 bullet but is capable of taking out most opponents with one shot. However, it is most effective at mid-close range or less, so be wary against long-range weapon users. Also, with its poor accuracy, not each shot will be a guaranteed kill so it can be good a idea to pool out both bullets at one shooting. However, this leaves you vulnerable during reloading so be careful. One can also use the Decorated Jacket, as it can give a short 25% damage boost to handguns, like this one, after reloading, taking advantage of this weapon's necessity of constant reloading.



  • Excellent damage capable of one-shot killing enemies
  • Excellent Agility
  • Fairly fast reload speed
  • Fires bullets in rapid succession, mimicking high fire rate


  • Short effective range
  • Low ammunition
  • Poor accuracy


  • It is currently the only weapon to share its firing sound with the Dual Pistols.
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