A close counterpart to the Flaky Machine Gun, both of which arrived during the 2019 Splash Wars event. It is a Water-Based Assault Rifle. 

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Unlike it's lackey the Flaky Machine Gun, this weapon excels in the combat that is required in today's meta, despite losing a bar in Agility and Damage, the Rifle more than makes up for those losses with great range and a decent clip size. As for it's reload, no problem! There are 20 shots in the gun and reload is 2.0 seconds, 1.8 seconds with Burning Spirit II and 1.5 seconds when equipping "El Gato" Vest.

In order to get the most out of this Gun, you may rely on a camper strategy or run and gun strategy, whichever route you take, the weapon still issues solid kills. Lets start with the camper strategy, in this scenario, you will rely on hiding just out of site, where the guns can still hit their intended target, when the enemy goes down be sure to move on to another location so as not to make yourself predictable; continue cycling through the map in different locations and avoid anti-water armors unless caring a decent gadget or Glass Cannon mastery.

The other scenario being the Run and Gun strategy, as opposed to the campers strategy you want to rely on agility buffs and fire rate buffs, as still this weapon does not expel enough bullets against competitive players. Even if not containing the right equipment, the machine guns can still make due at mid-range where they're most suitable, avoid one-on-one encounters with shotgun and heavy weapons at close range. Against water weapons this rifle has an ace among them, use the active skill to create a barrier that makes you highly resilient to all water damage for 5 seconds! So feel free to blast away in that limited time.

Analysis Edit


  • Great damage and range for an assault weapon
  • Decent reload time for its mag size
  • Upon activating Active skill all water-based attacks lose 65% damage potential (with the Extra Reduce Damage by Explosives reduce explosive water damage by 80%!)
  • Decent Agility
  • Water effects!
  • Can be buffed with specific equipment


  • Slow fire rate
  • Can be overwhelmed by heavy weapons
  • Is significantly nerfed by specific equipment
  • Active skill has a 20 second cool down, making it the third longest Active Skill cool down in the game just behind the AR-LUX and Dual Vamp-Handguns.

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