The Dual Bobcat is an MX weapon that was first added in the Mexico vs. Zombies Update and currently can only be obtained by purchasing the "El Gato" bundle.

Strategy Edit

Compared to the Gatling Punch, this weapon trades a bar of its Agility for slightly longer effective range with an additional 20 bullets. This gun excels in Run And Gun, being able to shred most enemies to bits with the help of the fast firing rate and high ammo capacity. Moreover, the dual weapons are devastating in close proximity with even the best weapons like the Splasher Shotgun and Aztec Fury; being able to standout from the rest of the Dual Weapons as a highly capable pair of guns, to make matters even better though this weapon can be greatly buffed, while also receiving some nerfs as well.

However the nerfs are nothing compared to the power within these guns as they tear through a team of competitive players. Under the strategy previously mentioned it is best advised that you take on a glass cannon approach, utilizing these weapons in close distance and making the absolute most of it allows you to take out most enemies by surprise. Because of its sheer power, these weapons sacrifice range, making the user very susceptible to Bows, Rifles, and Launchers.

*See this page for detailed list: MX Weapons*

Analysis Edit

Advantages Edit

  • High damage.
  • High ammo capacity.
  • High rate of fire.
  • Good reload speed
  • Can be buffed tremendously

Disadvantages Edit

  • As stated, being an MX-tagged equipment means that it can also be nerfed as well.
  • Low range, despite what the weapon card may say

Trivia Edit

  • The Bobcat is a territorial North American cat
  • Much like the animal, the handguns rely on ambush tactics and strategies
  • Unlike the Gatling Punch, one handgun of this only holds 30 rounds as the total ammo for the two is 60. Gatling Punch has 40.
  • Reload animation is shared with the Dual Hand Handgun.
  • Each gun sports a bobcat skull insignia.

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