Diamonita Core I is a limited time mastery which appeared in the Diamonita Wars (Update). When equipped, it gives the player a 50% chance of winning a random Respawnite whenever his team wins in a Diamonita War match. Also, it slightly increases the drop rate of Respawnites when defeating another player.

Function Edit

This mastery requires 3 conditions to win a random Respawnite:

  • The player be on the winning team.
  • The player be alive when the match ends.
  • The player must have contributed approximately 50% of the team's points.

However, even if these conditions are met, the player still might not receive a Respawnite because of the only 50% chance of it dropping.

At the end of the match, either the Common, Rare, or Legendary Respawnite won by the player briefly appears at the player's feet and quickly disappears as it is picked up.

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