Was an event that launched on September 23, 2020, it was released along with the Demons of the Storm (2020) Update a day afterwards (had players not completed the previous Event).
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Overview Edit

Premiere bundles included were: Armored AT I, Raijin's Mortal Form Pack, and Fujin's Mortal Form Pack. Additionally the, Toxic Shotgun, Poison Dart Handgun, Steam Equipment,
Rainbow's Prank, CY-BEE Pack, Fuzzinator Pack, Double Barrel Shotgun, Siege Cannon, Storm Mastery, Lucky Golden Chest, Golden Hero Equipment, Metal Rat Pack, H4ckowl Set, Ryuga, Anti-Nanite Shotgun, Assault Rifle HEI MK 1, Veteran Machine Gun, Fujin's Mortal Form Pack, Happy and Dark, Golden Fire Pack, #021 Cloud, War Saber, KM-O Rifle, Triple Barrel Pistol, Raijin's Mortal Form Pack, Sad and Grey, Kitsune Pack, Smashboard, Atrax Bite, Dual Candy Launcher, Guitar Machine Gun, Chinese Heroes Armors, Angry and Blue, Dual Soaker Pistols, Dual Flare GunRoaring Machine Gun, Easter BurrowThe Magnificent 6, Raid EquipmentShisa Pack, No-Fools Madness 2018 Megapack, Kirin Pack, and Katana, all went on sale. 
Tiers Prizes Requirements
1 x10 Lightning Bolt Get 30 Storm Points
2 10,000 Cash icon Get 200 Storm Points
3 50 GoldIcon Get 350 Storm Points
4 Guitar Machine Gun (+ Japanese Skin) Get 800 Storm Points
5 x30 Common Respawnite Get 1,000 Storm Points
6 50 GoldIcon Get 1,300 Storm Points
7 15,000 Cash icon Get 2,000 Storm Points
8 Assault CCP VI (+Japanese Skin) Get 2,500 Storm Points
9 x15 Lightning Bolt Get 3,000 Storm Points
10 x20 Twister Get 3,300 Storm Points
11 50 GoldIcon Get 3,500 Storm Points
12 Masamune Get 3,800 Storm Points
13 Tinkerers T-Shirt Get 4,200 Storm Points
14 x15 Rare Respawnite Get 4,800 Storm Points
15 20,000 Cash icon Get 5,500 Storm Points
16 x20 Lightning Bolt Get 6,300 Storm Points
17 Ghost Cannon (+Japanese Skin) Get 7,200 Storm Points
18 x20 Twister Get 8,200 Storm Points
19 x3 Legendary Respawnite Get 9,000 Storm Points
20 50 GoldIcon Get 10,500 Storm Points
21 25,000 Cash icon Get 12,000 Storm Points
22 Freedom Revolver Get 13,000 Storm Points
23 x3 Legendary Respawnite Get 15,000 Storm Points
24 Heavy Grenade Launcher (+Japanese Skin) Get 16,500 Storm Points
25 50 GoldIcon Get 18,500 Storm Points
26 30,000 Cash icon Get 20,000 Storm Points
27 #014 Chimaera Get 23,000 Storm Points
28 50 GoldIcon Get 25,000 Storm Points
29 50 GoldIcon Get 28,000 Storm Points
30 'Manmax' Set Get 30,000 Storm Points
31 x3 Legendary Respawnite Get 34,000 Storm Points
32 Mega Squad Get 38,000 Storm Points

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first event wherein, if player's had completed the previous event (Archery Tournament 2020), they were transitioned immediately into the next event.
  • This is the first event to not include an Update immediately following its release!
  • This is the newest full-release event in almost four years (Fastest Gunslinger being the last one in a long time)!
  • Oddly (possibly based on prestiege/ranking) some players recieved additional sales.
  • During this event, Snake Predator and Rocket Crush were the final Bots to recieve
    • Snake Predator (+Overflow Skin)
    • Rocket Crush (+Overflow Skin)
    their overflow skins!

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