Death from Below is one of 20 skill perks available in The Respawnables. If purchased it provides the ability to drop a grenade on death (this does not consume any Hand Grenades) but has similar Damage of Hand Grenades which may hit the enemy when the player is killed during the match. You need either the perk + Health Recovery Speed or the perk + Accuracy with dual Weapons.

To purchase this skill, you'll need 95,000 Cash icon. It is currently the most expensive cash perk in the skill tree.


  • In the latest update, the Death from Below mechanics where upgraded - grenades dropped now are affected by the environment. For instance, grenades dropped from the top of a stairwell will roll down the slope slightly before exploding. This adds a whole new level of play to the game, as grenades will not only blow up directly over a fallen opponent now.
  • In the Holiday Update 2014, the dropped grenades, although appearing as normal grenades, explode with a shower of confetti (like the Holiday Grenade)
  • The Spec Ops Boots can reduce the damage done by the Death From Below skill by 75%
  • During the Hand Grenade Fest, kills from this skill is counted as a grenade kill.
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