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The damage stat of the rookie machine gun

Damage is one of the attributes in the Respawnables. It acts as a rating of a particular weapon's damage. Although some of them can be "inaccurate", such as when a weapon has a low damage stat, yet deal high damage per shot in-game, or vice versa. (Like the Blunderbuss and Flare Gun, for example.)

Most of the time, weapons have 2-3 damage bars. The Rookie Machine Gun is the first Weapon to have 1 damage bar, and after the Earth Day Event, the Airsoft SMG is the second weapon with 1 damage, making these two the weakest guns in the game in terms of damage output.

Most Gold Weapons have 4 damage while Cash weapons have either 2 or 3 and sometimes 4. Explosive Weapons have at least 3 bars of damage. Premium Weapons (Event Weapons or limited-time Weapons) mostly have 4 bars of damage.

Some Heads/Bodies/Legs/Armors provide damage boosts to an equipped weapon.

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