With a mix of technology and tradition, ninja warriors are the definitive shadow ops.
— Game Descriptions

The Cyber Ninja Gear is a bundle released on the Holiday Update (2014) and introduced in the Ninja Path event. It can be purchased for $9.99 Dollar1 or by earning its contents on the Ninja Path. It also introduces a new exclusive weapon, which is the Dual Energy Pistols.

  • The Cyber Ninja bundle in the game loading screen.
  • The bundle in the shop
  • The armor of the bundle when equipped.
  • Cyber Ninja Helmet equipped
  • The bundle's promotion during the Superstars Event


Trivia Edit

  • This bundle came back with a 20% discount on Black Friday Sale 2015.
  • Originally, the Helmet acts like a spotter when the user is standing still. Other than that, the Breastplate boosts Stealth's ability to keep on until the timer is finished, even when the user is shooting and was shot.
  • After the Spooky Nights (Update), the effects of the Head and Body were changed to as it is.
  • The whole set from (including the weapon as well!) the bundle became one of the Bots, named The Ninja, during the Superstars (Event)!
    • Additionally, it made a comeback in the third and final trial of the same event!
  • On the box, a sign saying: CAUTION, Handle with Care can be seen along with a Japanese kanji symbol which means Shadow.
  • The bundle came back in the Cyber Menace (Update).
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