The Confetti Grenade is a explosive gadget added in Carnival 2019 Update, costing 5,000 Cash icon. The grenade looks simple but don't let this little fella fool you! If it doesn't take out an enemy it will stun them.

The grenade is a combination of Energy Grenade and Super Grenades.

Strategy Edit

This grenade has a short fuse similar to super grenades- only cheaper, doesn't detonate upon impact and has Stunning Effect. The grenade is best used when an enemy is charging towards you or when trying to eliminate a corner camper. If the user is not careful enough he may get caught in the powerful blast resulting to Autokill or getting stunned.

Analysis Edit

Pros Edit

  • Wide area damage.
  • Can stun enemies who survived the detonation.
  • Cash gadget.
  • Powerful for a cash gadget.

Cons Edit

  • Stun effect can be neutralized with certain armors.
  • Explosive gadget, damage can be nerfed with explosive resistant armors.
  • Long cool down.
  • Short throw distance.
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