The Clovers Cloner is a Magical Handgun weapon added in the Carnival 2019 Update. It was available by completing tier 8 of the 4th trial of Carnival 2019.

Analysis Edit

Advantages Edit

  • High damage per shot.
  • High agility.
  • Active skill can be used to trap or trick other players during a St.Patrick event.
  • Good range, can reach other players at mid-long range distances.
  • Good accuracy.

Disadvantages Edit

  • Accuracy, the accuracy is almost fixed. Shots may miss at farther distances.
  • Active skill takes time to cool down.
  • Can be nerfed by the Blackbird Headset and other armors.

Trivia Edit

  • There was a glitch during Carnival 2019 that allowed players to see the Clovers Cloner as available for purchase when their game was offline
  • While this weapon is considered the final event weapon for Carnival 2019, there is actually another tier after it where you can obtain the Heavy Maskaleon.
  • Autokill is possible. For that to happen you need to really close to the player that collected the Trap Clover and have less than 80% health(no Zombie Bull).
  • Even after a year, players are still using the skill due to the glitch stated above.
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