The Classy Rifle is a Sniper Rifle added in the Easter Egg Hunt 4 Update. It is obtainable through the Classy Watcher Bundle, 'Tinkerer' Steam, and Tinkerers - 5 Years Edition.

Strategy Edit

Unlike so many other Rifles currently added to the game, there is one that rules them all, if whether you want to play competitively or mess with rookies, this weapon is good for you. Despite having that flaw all snipers in the game have, being two shot, it has one thing assuredly going for it, an auto-aim to head shots! Alas a sniper that can aim for both the head and body, yet there is more than meets the eye to this one of a kind gun, it also has 100% accuracy outside of scope meaning competitive players can no-scope with this weapon! Moreover, there is also a strong rate of fire.

Like all rifles though, this weapon does rely on a Camping strategy, despite all it's greatness, in close range - even with the amazing out-of scope accuracy - players can still strafe their way into your comfort zone. Thankfully though, this weapon shows promising features that can help you survive in even a desperate situation, unload the clip, with a sure chance to ping the enemy at least once, and even if that fails you have your active skill that can finish them off. Do your best of course to avoid these situations, and be sure to use the scope to get long range head shot awards, because unlike the Never-Ending Jacket, the auto-aim to the head is far superior with this rifle.

Analysis Edit

Advantage Edit

  • Good rate of fire for a sniper.
  • Semi-automatic.
  • Active skill helps in tight situations.
  • Has the lowest spread of shots if fired whilst out of scope compared to other sniper rifles.
  • Auto-aim can target the head.

Disadvantage Edit

  • Very weak auto-aim.
  • Drains ammo quickly.
  • Low scope magnification.

Trivia Edit

  • Despite clearly being a bolt-action it fires in semi-automatic mode.
  • The pistol model of the skill is actually a single version of the Dual Pistols and not a Revolver as shown on the skill icon.
  • The Active Skill utilizes an invisible cross-hair and has auto-aim.
  • Is the first weapon to introduce auto-aim to the head

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