Classic Santa only uses the best gear during Christmas, and so should you.
— Game Descriptions.

Classic Santa Gear On the loading screen

Classic Sant's Gear
Classic Sant's Gear (1)

The Classic Santa's Gear is a new bundle released during the Holiday Update 2014. It currently costs $11.99 Dollar1. It contains a set that provides 15% Agility and a new exclusive weapon; the Cold Beam Rifle.

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  • This bundle is simply a green version of the Santa's Gear, but with a pine tree desinge and a different weapon. The attribute boost is also different, which it boosts Agility unlike the previous one, which boosts Health.
  • When this was thrown into the Holiday Update, many people were surprised, only expecting the original santa bundle to be re-released, not to have a new gear set and weapon.
  • To many, this was a nice bonus to their holiday season.
  • This Bundle came back during Winter Camp Event.

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