Circle around also known as circle strafing simply means circling around your enemy. Know more about this tactic in this article.

About The TacticEdit

Just like the heading says, this tactic involves circling around your enemy. It is used when you are engaged in a close quarters combat with your enemy. The purpose of using this tactic is to successfully dodge the enemy's bullets while making sure that every bullet you fire hits the enemy.

ACirclestrafing animation

Follow these steps to successfully use this tactic:

  1. Get as close to your enemy as possible while dodging his bullets.
  2. Move around your enemy in a circular path/motion in order to dodge his bullets.
  3. Here, your enemy acts as the center of your circular path.
  4. Start shooting at him as soon as the crosshair turns red and keep shooting until your target is neutralized.

Who should use this tactic?Edit

Players who use this tactic:

  • Shotgun/Blunderbuss users.
  • Any close or mid range weapons users (Revolvers and such).
  • Machine guns users.
  • Anyone who are engaged in a CQC combat.


  • Explosive weapon users should use this tactic only when there is a safe distance between them and their enemy.
  • When circling around your enemy, avoid getting in front of your enemy's weapon.
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