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新年快乐! And happy year of the dog! We wish you happiness, prosperity, longevity and we invite you to our special celebration of the Chinese New Year with a new event full of fun, tradition and DOGS!

As it is a tradition at this time, four weeks of the Chinese New Year event are about to start as soon as you download the update! It will come full of Nians and respawns, you actually can find up to 8 Nians in the same game if you’re super lucky! Loyal and powerful players will be glorified with amazing rewards if they collect enough fortune points!

And if you complete all the challenges in the event and follow the way of the faithful player, you will be honored with the Metal Earth soldier, our special gift to celebrate the year of the dog! …along with the incredible Barker Machine, a new assault weapon!

Download the update and enjoy our event, find amazing new offers, invite your friends and discover the magic of the Chinese New Year and Year of the dog in The Respawnables!

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