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The Chinese New Year 2 Update was released on 4th of February 2016. This is the second annual chinese new year-themed Update. It brought back some stuff from last Chinese New Year such as the Chinese Heroes Armors, Dual Revolvers +skin, Scoped Rocket Launcher +skin and the Dragon's Breath Cannon.

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"Happy Chinese New Year!"

Join the party at the Monkey Year event and get tons of prizes for FREE Hunt down the bad spirits of the Nian beast and gain Good Fortune points during the two-trial event to win: - Lots of explosive gadgets, like Grenades, Super Grenades, and the event-exclusive Firecrackers: this festive gadget is loud, explosive and amazing for hunting the Nian beast! - The authentic Dragon's Breath Cannon, with all its mystical powers! - The red and gold dragon skins for the Dual Revolvers and Scoped Rocket Launcher, plus you get the original weapons too. - The White Hero Armor, that will help you get more Good Fortune points! - The newest weapons: the Monkey's Rifle, a curious, unique and mysterious rifle, and the Monkey Staff, a brand new type of weapon, full of magic and power. - Plus, lots of Gold!

The Chinese Heroes Armors are back! The bundle includes the event-special Red, White and Black Heroes Armors. All three of them include great stats, protection against explosions and Good Fortune points’ multipliers that will help you get even more Good Fortune points, faster. Plus, if you get the bundle you skip one event tier! During the celebrations let’s meet in Chinatown! Come play your battles in this themed night-time map that is fully decorated for the event with red lanterns, fireworks effects in the sky and even a huge dragon in the streets!"

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Dragon's Breath Cannon

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