Chinatown on the map selection

is a chinese-themed Eastside District with decorations like lights, flaglets and red lanterns. The map is also set to nighttime, with colorful fireworks in the night sky. Its most distinctive decoration is the yellow glowing dragon that is wrapped around a building near the construction site. You can see it breathe fire while on the cracked opening of the building near it. Another note is that this map is very dimly lit, making it even darker than Spookytown and Nocturnal Snowfall. It is playable only during the Chinese New Year Events.


The strategy is the same as the original map, but you have to be more careful as it's set in nighttime and the lighting is very dark, so it's a lot harder to see in a few parts of the map. You are more prone to ambushes, because of this so you should be more cautious. Spotter is a recommended gadget on this map because of this. Also, wearing black coloured armour will camouflage you very well in this environment.


  • It is the second themed map of Eastside District, the first being the Carnival City.
    • They were also both released on the same month of February 2015.
  • It is the darkest map in Respawnables. Thus, extra care must be taken when travelling to places throughout the map.
  • You can see the fireworks by looking at the opposite side of where the main screen menu puts the player in.
    • If you listen carefully you can hear the fireworks being launched into the air and exploding.
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