Chest at the Rainbow's End is a bundle released during the Saint Patrick 2017 (Update), costing $49.99 Dollar1. It would return in Cyber Tarantula 2019 for jsut $6.99 Dollar1.


Contents Edit

  • Celtic Chest
    • Celtic Moustache - 12% Health, and another 15% health boost if heavy machine gun typed weapon is equipped.
    • Celtic Tattoo - 12% Health, 10% damage increase to heavy machine gun typed weapon.
    • Celtic Pants - 12% Health, the lower the agility, the higher the damage of the weapon.
    • Shield-Wielder -A Heavy Machine Gun that gives a passive 10% Health.
  • Lucky Set
    • Lucky Hat - 7% Agility, the player gets a short reload speed boost when they get a Long Range Headshot Award.
      • Lucky Braces - 12% Health, the player gets healed when they get a Triple Kill Award.
      • Lucky Socks - 7% Agility, the player gets a short defense boost when they get a Double Kill Award using a Gadget.
        • Lucky Rifle - An Assault Weapon which gets a short 100% damage increase after getting a headshot.
  • JP-BEK (+Saint Patrick Skin)

Trivia Edit

  • If players wanted the classic JP-BEK St Packtrick's day skin they would have to purchase this pack.

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