Chest at the Rainbow's End is a bundle released during the Saint Patrick 2017 (Update), costing $49.99 Dollar1.


Contents Edit

  • Celtic Chest
    • Celtic Moustache - 12% Health, and another 15% health boost if heavy machine gun typed weapon is equipped.
    • Celtic Tattoo - 12% Health, 10% damage increase to heavy machine gun typed weapon.
    • Celtic Pants - 12% Health, the lower the agility, the higher the damage of the weapon.
    • Shield-Wielder -A Heavy Machine Gun that gives a passive 10% Health.
  • Lucky Set
    • Lucky Hat - 7% Agility, the player gets a short reload speed boost when they get a Long Range Headshot Award.
      • Lucky Braces - 12% Health, the player gets healed when they get a Triple Kill Award.
      • Lucky Socks - 7% Agility, the player gets a short defense boost when they get a Double Kill Award using a Gadget.
        • Lucky Rifle - An Assault Weapon which gets a short 100% damage increase after getting a headshot.
  • JP-BEK (+Saint Patrick Skin)

Listings Edit

Here are list of prices the bundle was sold and when it was available for purchase.  The list will be updated as the bundle makes another return or sold at a different price.

Note: Prices may vary on your region.

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