The Castaway Backpack is a bundle that was released in The Lucky Map Quest (Update).


List of Bundles
Paid Bundles Starter BoxOne Shot, One KillJuggernautSpeedrunBio HazardEgon's Ghostbusters KitMIB Special Agent GearElysiumWarlock GearSanta's GearYetiUrban Ops PackEaster Bunny SetAnti-Explosive PackSpec Ops PackClose Quarters PackShadow Hunter PackMonster GearClassic Santa's GearFan's Choice Weapons PackCyber Ninja GearBrazilian Warrior GearChinese Heroes ArmorsWarrior Bunny KitThe Protector's KitHulk EquipmentShock Force KitRoad Warrior PackSummer Camp Gun CollectionBlack Charro GearMX PackHeadless Baron KitHalloween Weapon CollectionHalloween Sets CollectionDesignated Marksman KitCadet KitNight Santa's GearMega Santas' Pack2015 Top Event Weapons2015 Fans' Choice PackLeprechaun's PackLucky Fighter's PackFreedom Soldier KitFreedom Fighter KitBlack Beret KitOutlaw PackReferee EquipmentStriker EquipmentGhostbusters Weapons PackGhostbusters New KitUnstoppable Force KitSkull Thunder ArmyDrill Instructor SetFire Commando SetAdvanced Soldier EquipmentImpaler's SetGhost PackVeteran Soldier PackAgent Retriever PackSoldiers AllianceBlack Friday Megapack 2016Stuntman PackSuperstars Weapon PackSabotage PackWerewolf BiteFireside Santa's GearRaid EquipmentThe Magnificent 6Born to Dye Pack2016 Top Event WeaponsGolden Hero EquipmentGolden Fire PackGreat Luck Chinese PackBrazilian Fighter GearBlackbird GearMasquerade PackParade PackLucky SetCeltic ChestChest at the Rainbow's EndMexican FlavourHulk's ReunionNo-Fools Madness MegapackForest Shadow GearClassic Hunter BagThe Big and Bright Easter Egg'WASP' SetCyber-Hunter EquipmentNew Menace PackRobotic Battalion'Parcher' BagKnight's EquipmentArchery Tournament ChestBattle Suit UnitMobile Assisted Unit R.I.Ultimate PackW.P.D. Officer KitDecorated Soldier SetV.E.N.O.M.Camp Thunder PackMedic KitCopyCat Prototype VI BoxBulldozerA.T.A.R.O.T. Pack'Manmax' SetInfamous Captain SetPirate IslandPoison Hunter PackWerebat BiteAssault Expert PackLeather Ranger PackMonarch's SetHandgun Expert PackCute Santa GearSteam EquipmentHenry Varro SetThe Mighty Power Santas!2017 Top Event WeaponsBlack Friday Megapack 2017Brazilian Scrapper GearBrazilian Brawler GearHeavy Expert PackMetal Earth PackNaval Captain SetLauncher Expert PackClassy Watcher'Tinkerer' SteamPrankster BoxNo-Fools Madness 2018 MegapackAdventurer PackMexican ArmyNever-Ending PackSandman FlaskCopyCat Prototype II BoxCopyCat Prototype III BoxCopyCat Prototype V BoxCopyCat Prototype VIII BoxCopyCat Prototype X BoxCopyCat Prototype XX BoxCopyCat SwarmHappy and DarkAngry and BlueSad and GreyInfiltration GearSea's 7,5Wicked Captain SetCastaway BackpackLost Island Pack
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