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100 cash.

Cash is the most common in-game currency which can be earned from playing in matches, killing elites, players, completing missions or by leveling up.

Cash allows you to buy new weapons, equipments, gadgets and skills


Cash can buy almost any weapon, equipment, gadget or skill for the player; it's a very frequent currency since cash is always earned at the end of all matches, completed missions or sometimes can be obtained from dead elites.


You can also buy more Cash anytime you wish by pressing over the "+" symbol in the Cash counter at the top of the screen. The bank can be found in the player's loadout next to boosters. Buying cash with real world money is not always necessary since this currency is quite more abundant then gold .

The highest amount that you can get is worth 69.99 in the UK, and the lowest amount is worth 1.99. These same amounts of money are the same with the gold.

Earning CashEdit

There are lots of ways to get and earn cash. Here is some possible ways

  • It can be earned by finishing matches and the amount depends on your position.
  • Completing missions will reward you some.
  • Cash Reward

    Cash as a tier prize

    You will also get cash when you level up. The amount increases as the level gets higher.
  • Defeated Elite Enemies has a chance of dropping cash. The amount usually dropped are $125, $250 and $500 (be sure that you killed the elite and not a bot).
  • You can earn more cash by paying real money on the bank or by tapping the cash counter at the upper part of the screen (make sure you are connected to the internet when making an in-game purchase).
  • By opening the game daily, you could earn cash. The amount increases from day 1 to day 4 (don't miss a single day or you will start over again from day 1).
  • In some events, cash is also rewarded as a tier prize.


  • The average cash payout for missions mode is $450 cash per each successful match.
  • The average cash payout for multiplayer is around $800-$850 cash which is the equivalent of playing two matches in missions modes.