Carnival City, as seen on the menu.

Carnival City is a Carnaval themed map based on Eastside District. It has the Brazilian carnival decorations all over the current map.

Overview Edit

This is a Limited Edition map, added during Carnaval Update. Players can play there only for a limited amount of time. Players may use the same strategy from the Eastside District, as this map was based on it.

Trivia Edit

  • This was basically Eastside District, but re-textured and remastered, not to mention was given new colorful theme.
  • Confetti showered all over the map, except in the various buildings capable of being entered.
  • It was themed around the Carnaval event that happens in Brazil every year.


Respawnables - Carnival City Showacase

Respawnables - Carnival City Showacase

A Showcase of the Carnival City