The Carnival 2017 is an update that was added on the 16th of February, 2017.

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New FeaturesEdit





Returning FeaturesEdit




New Game Changes Edit


The "killed by" screen that show the weapon's skin on it!

  • If you kill an enemy with a skinned weapon, the weapon showed on their "death screen" would actually shown the skin that was used!
  • Originally, when killed by any Explosives, the camera will be fixed on your body. Now, the camera will focus on the player that killed you.
  • For the first time, DLE released equipments that can increases damage, speed, defense and decrease reloading time for all weapons.
    • Additionally, they released a weapon that can potentially deal damage-over-time (DOT)!

Update DescriptionsEdit

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the most amazing carnival party you have ever been!!! Please take a seat or dance with the rhythms, update your game and enjoy the colors and sounds of the streets! The party is about to start and it’s going to be more than fun!

And what do we have for you? For your pure joy and entertainment? We have four awesome incredible and amazing parades! One for each week! In which you must wear a specific mask we’ll give you and a specific gun to accomplish the goal and be rewarded as you deserve! Only if you prove to be the best carnival Respawnable!

Which will be your costume? Use your imagination! You can come to the party as you want! But if you like last minute ideas, we have also weekly offers waiting for you! You will be able to purchase now the outlaw pack, the brazil warrior pack, the vampire pack or the Atomdrome one! With which one do you prefer to enjoy the carnival parades?? We’re also expecting surprises from you! But please, as many colors as possible, remember it’s carnival, remember it’s joy, remember it’s party, remember it’s The Respawnables Carnival Event!


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