This forest dweller hunts hunters.
— Game Description
As part of an ongoing series of retold tales, the fable and legend of Caipora was introduced; it was sold for $14.99(USD) Dollar1 during Mexico vs. Zombies , and would make a later return in Summer Camp 6 for $4.99 Dollar1.
  • Caipora's Box
  • Caipora Front view
  • Caipora Back view



As an ongoing series, the game introduced players with the epic of Caipora, who outside of his legendary tales is honestly forgettable in this bundle, having only minor buffs - of which are quickly outclassed by other gears - and not much in the ways of being a step up for launcher gear, with the only standout piece being the Body which may be paired with the Decorated Hat.

However where the legend himself fails, the powerful primal weapon does not, and for a brief understanding of just how good this weapon is, it CANNOT be nerfed currently (possibly a bug), with that said though and despite its one shot capabilities this launcher loses most of its power against agility builds and far reaches. 


  • Caipora's are considered (in Brazilian folklore) as indigenous forest dwellers whose power derive from animals around, as they have control over them when nearby, they protect their environments mainly from human hunters who do not respect mother nature nor the balance of life (the circle of life).
  • Possibly an error (or even a mix of two tales), but the legend whom the developers of this bundle should be referring to isCurupira,as this tale has orange hair and - similar to the Caipora - only curupira has special abilities such as a loud whistle that causes those who hear it to be driven to madness, and his backwards feet allow him to confuse huntsman.
  • Oddly, this bundle may not look like much, but the weapon offered allows its user to take down tank and anti-equipment mains in a single shot (no matter their health or protection).

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