Suited to hunt!
— Game Description

The CT-Hunter Pack is a Bundle added in the Cyber Tarantula Update. It costs $14.99 Dollar1.

Contents Edit

  • CT-HU Visor - 12% Accuracy, increases zoom by 50% with scoped weapons, tracks all spiders.
  • CT-HU Chest - 12% Accuracy, reduces the reload time of scoped weapons by 25%.
  • CT-HU Pants - 7% Agility, increases Agility with scoped weapons by 10%.
  • ATOM-LR MK 1

 Listings Edit

Here are list of prices the bundle was sold and when it was available for purchase.  The list will be updated as the bundle makes another return or sold at a different price.

Note: Prices may vary on your region. 

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