Burning Handgun is a fire-based handgun released in Carnival 2018 (Update). This weapon is the fire counterpart of Poison Dart Handgun.

Weapon AnalysisEdit

Advantages Edit

  • Long effective range.
  • Fast reload speed.
  • High agility.
  • Deals fire damage over time.
  • Can be buffed by handgun-buffing equipments.
  • Can burn those using Immunity Shield so that they will be burned after the shield wears off.
  • When burning enemies, reduces their defense by 20%.

Disadvantages Edit

  • Low damage per shot.
  • Low rate of fire.
  • Mediocre accuracy.
  • Small clip size (5).
  • Fire damage can be easily healed off with Medikit or certain other equipments, most notably the Impaler's Eyepatch.
  • Can be nerfed by fire-nerfing equipments and handgun-nerfing equipments, such as the Blackbird Headset and the Steam Armor.
  • Damage decreases at long range.

Compared to Poison Dart Handgun Edit

  • Larger clip size.
  • Reduces enemy defense by 20%.
  • Higher damage per shot.
  • Same range.
  • Lower damage over time.
  • Same accuracy.
  • Same reload speed.
  • Same rate of fire.
  • This weapon's damage decreases at long range, unlike the Poison Dart Handgun, which has no damage drop-off.


  • This weapon has almost the exact same shape and performances as the Poison Dart Handgun.
    • It, however, has a different reload animation and preview animation.
  • When firing, the "bang" sign that shows up is red and yellow and covered in flames to further emphasize the fact that this weapon is a fire weapon.
  • This is the second fire based handgun in the game, the first one being Fire Spitter.
  • It shares the same stats with the Poison Dart Handgun
  • If you look closely, the bullets it fires are burning.
  • It is the first fire based weapon to be released as a final prize in an event.
    • It is also the first final event prize to deal damage over time.
  • The weapon is now permanently available for purchase with 300 GoldIcon.
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