The Bubble Rifle is a Water Rifle added in the Post-Vacation Blues Update. It is obtainable by completing the third trial of Post-Vacation Blues.


Due to this weapon's outstanding stats and capabilities, you can use this weapon with either Run And Gun tactic or Camping tactic

Run And Gun: Since this weapon has a crosshair, use this weapon like the Bubble Launcher. Unlike the Bubble Launcher, you don't need to hold the shoot button to keep the bubble going, so it will be easier. Make use of its active skill to detonate the placed bubbles if your enemy is close to it.

CampingPlace the bubbles near the enemy so that they hit the bubbles, slowing them down. Make use of this weapon's active skill to detonate the placed bubbles if there is an enemy near it. You will not having problems with close encounters with your enemy when camping since this weapon has a crosshair.



  • High Damage
  • Infinite Range
  • Decent Agility
  • Fast fire rate
  • Fast reload time
  • Has a crosshair


  • No auto-aim
  • Auto kill is possible if careless
  • You also might slow yourself down if careless
  • Since this weapon has a fast fire rate and only has 5 rounds in the clip, you will need to reload very often

Trivia Edit

  • The Bubble Rifle functions more like a launcher weapon than a sniper rifle.

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