The Bubble Launcher is a weapon that was added in the Post-Vacation Blues Update. It boasts great Damage, Range and Accuracy, and high Agility.

Strategy Edit

Weapon Analysis Edit

Advantages Edit

  • Great Damage, able to kill most players in two hits.
  • Can be buffed by handgun-buffing armors.

Disadvantages Edit

  • Slow reload time.
  • Reload isn't always automatic.
  • Quite hard to use due to this weapon's mechanics.

Trivia Edit

  • This weapon has the same design as the Fire Spitter! In fact, all of the water weapons that are added in the Post-Vacation Blues Update have the same design as their original counterpart, e.g., Soaker Assault Rifle has the same design as Assault Rifle, etc.
  • When it was released, this weapon was originally a launcher type weapon. however, it was later switched to be a handgun

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