Bronco Equipment

Bronco's full-bodied equipment

Bronco is the first Elite Enemies introduced upon reaching level 5. As always, he has a lot more Health than the average Respawnable bots and will not be 1-hit-killed by a direct hit with the Howitzer Gun unless his Health bar has been reduced to a low level.


He uses the Little Italy, the first and cheapest gold item that can be bought in the Weapons section for 40 GoldIcon. It is unlocked at Level 6.


He has the High School Vampire head along with the Black Suit Jacket and Black Suit Pants, and he's armed with the Little Italy.

Replacement Level Edit

Bronco will remain as the current elite enemy until the player has unlocked the Royal Garden map. He is then replaced by Bio Hazard as the main elite enemy when the map is unlocked.


Fighting Bronco isn't a really big challenge. He is just an elite version of Vicenzo Caesar. Even just with a Rookie Machine Gun, you can easily defeat him due to the weapon's fairly fast fire rate. The recommended choice of weaponry is the Shotgun. The Shotgun can make him seem almost like a regular bot due to its high Damage. He is also vulnerable to most explosives. The Hand Grenades unlocked at level 3 can help you easily defeat Bronco.


  • Bronco's Equipment
  • Bronco's Appearance in the Last portion of the Tutorial
  • Confronting Bronco in Combat

Trivia Edit

  • His name may be a reference to the football team the "Broncos".
  • He is the easiest elite enemy to fight because he has the least amount of Health compared to the other elite enemies and his gun is not really fatal.
  • He is also the first elite enemy to appear.
  • All of his equipment combined except the weapon gives 10% Agility and 5% Health.
  • His equipments are almost the same as Vicenzo Caesar's, except the head and weapon.
  • The Black Suit Pants can no longer be purchased by GoldIcon.
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