• As seen in the bundle.
  • As seen in the shop.
  • Equipped (front view).
  • Equipped (back view).
  • The Brazilian Warrior Mask as seen in-game!

The Brazilian Warrior Mask was a limited time head introduced in Carnaval Update. It boosts 7% Agility and reduces 60% of Damage caused by Dual Revolvers . It can be only bought by $9.99 Dollar1 included in Brazilian Warrior Gear.


This mask covers the whole face, except for the eyes. The color and the design made it seemed like a mask of a bird. It has a 'crown' made from feathers and a part of brazilian flag at the center, on the top of the head. From the back view, the hair is brown in color.


  • This mask is another oversized head gear, other than the Easter Bunny Ears. This is because when a player equips it, the mask goes up high that it touches the experience bar. Although, this mask is more slender.
  • This mask is based on one of the traditional cultural mask that some people wear during the Carnaval Festival in real life.
  • It is believed it represents a mystical bird like creature (needs confirmation).
  • This mask is extremely effective against Whiplash.
  • Interestingly, this mask also reduces damage caused by the Dual Freedom Revolvers released in the paid Black Charro Gear, which was released during the Mexican Fiesta (Event).

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