Get ready for battle with this authentic battle gear.
— Game Description
  • The Brazillian Warrior Gear Bundle.
  • The Brazillian Warrior Gear Pack.
  • The Brazillian Warrior Gear Head.
  • The Brazillian Warrior Gear Body.
  • The Brazillian Warrior Gear Legs.
  • The Brazil Warrior Gear Dual Rookie Machine Guns.
  • The Bundle in the Loading Screen.
The Brazilian Warrior Gear is a limited new bundle that was released during the Carnaval Update. It features three new exclusive armors and the Dual Rookie Machine Guns, with a new skin. It provides 21% Agility and beside special equipment abilities which are listed on each of the gears articles. This bundle can only be purchased for $9.99 Dollar1.

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  • When the bundle first comes out, a lot of player hated this bundle. And in the Twitter and Facebook, a trend of "Shooting birds" became popular, birds resembles this bundle and what player did is that when they killed a player wearing this bundle, they post a picture on their facebook or twitter to show that they have killed a "bird".
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