The Bows are a weapon type added into the game during the Archery Tournament Update.

Bows usually have high damage per shot and low clip size. The damage and projectile speed depends on how long the player holds the shoot button before releasing it.

After the major buff in the Archery Tournament 2 Update, all charged bows are extremely powerful, acting like Rifles with higher damage and and auto-aim.

Bows Edit

  • Bow
  • Booming Bow
  • Energy Bow
  • Explosive Crossbow
  • Shark-Bow
  • Incredible Bow
  • Falling Star
  • Falcon Fire
  • Ultra-Adder
  • Healing Crossbow
  • Арбалет из оптоволокна
  • Mystic Crossbow
  • Post-Toxic Crossbow
  • "Bombardier"

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