Respawnables bot

Mike Hunter is a good example of a bot

Bots are opponents you will have fought in both Missions and Multiplayer. When you first start playing in Missions, you will only start off with two bots, Mike Hunter and Masked Viper, with more added to the list of enemies that oppose you in Mission mode as soon as you progress through the game by leveling up. On the other hand, in certain Events, there are bots that can only be encountered in Multiplayer.

There are three types of Bots, Regular bots, Elite Enemies (both are only for Missions mode) and ones that can only be found in Multiplayer (as said above). Almost all regular Bots use cash-bought weapons and armors, although some of them have Armors and Weapons that can bought with gold, with the exception of Multiplayer bots whom uses either Event and/or Paid Weapons (see below).

Elite Bots mostly have weapons and armor that can't be bought with cash, and are twice the size of normal players and bots with a massive health bonus, making them extremely hard to defeat consistently in a match. However, they drop some good items such as cash, gold, boosters or gadgets when given the killing blow by the player.

All bots found in Missions utilize the same gadget, Hand Grenades, to get kills but during the Holiday Update they used the Elf Grenades instead.

Tip: As soon as you shoot at a bot, they will instantly know where you are and will start attacking you.

Meanwhile, as for the bots encountered in Multiplayer, there are many different versions of them, each are only available for different events, though most only come during "special" events that are heavily anticipated, such as Chinese New Year (Event) , Ghostbusters 30th (Event) and most recently for a Halloween-themed event, Spooky Nights.

Regular BotsEdit

The known regular bots are:

Elite BotsEdit

The known Elite Bots are:

  • Bronco.
  • Bio Hazard.
  • Hammer.
  • Mad Cop.
  • Flame.
  • Eagle.
  • Rex.
  • Nightmare.
  • Blizzard.
  • Whiplash.

(Note: Eagle and Rex are the only two bots that do not carry gold weapons, the Revolver and the Howitzer Gun.)

Multiplayer BotsEdit

The known bots that can only be encountered in Multiplayer are:

  • Ghost
  • Slimer
  • Stay Puff MarshmallowMan
  • Ghost Nian
  • Hungry Nian
  • Great Nian
  • The Werewolf
  • The Yeti
  • Easter Bunny
  • The Ninja
  • The Cyborg

(Note: The Werewolf, Easter Bunny, Cyborg, Ninja and Yeti are the only bots that can use a weapon, while the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man and the Great Nian are the only bots wihout a weapon that can potentially kill you, and all of them are also the only bots to NOT carry a Cash or Gold weapon!).

List of Bots
Regular Bots Mike Hunter · Vicenzo Caesar · Vulcan Dynamite · Masked Viper · Rocket Crush · Snake Predator · Raptor Blaze
Elite Bots Bronco · Bio Hazard · Hammer · Mad Cop · Flame · Eagle · Rex · Nightmare · Blizzard · Whiplash
Multiplayer Bots Ghost · Slimer · Stay Puft Marshmallow Man · Ghost Nian · Hungry Nian · Great Nian · Werewolf · Easter Bunny · The Yeti · The Cyborg · The Ninja · Fluffy · The Cyber-Hunter
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