are in-game items that double the amount of Cash icon or Exp Points for the next few matches. Boosters can only be purchased with gold or obtained from a dead elite enemy that you killed. The boosters have an appearance of soft drink cans for small boosters while medium boosters look like 21 litre bottles and big boosters look like oversized protein drinks.

Price Edit

Limits Edit

Small boosters will only provide a temporary boost (5 matches) medium boosters (30) and large boosters (70). The effects of an XP booster can be seen by looking at the blue glow of the player's Experience Bar. Cash boosters increase the amount of cash earned at the end of the match. The effects of the Cash booster can be seen by looking at the green glow of the player's cash.

Trivia Edit

  • XP Boosters can still be acquired and bought even if you are level 50, but since you can't accumulate XP anymore, they don't work.
  • Elite Enemies only drop Small Cash Booster and Small XP Booster. Although, they can be stacked if they drop from the same Elite multiple times.
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