Respawnables Blizzard Elite Enemy 8

Respawnables Blizzard Elite Enemy 8

Blizzard is a new elite enemy from the Elysium Update along with Nightmare. He is a bot with the Snow Equipment and he is equipped with a Siege Cannon.



Blizzard's Equipment.

Blizzard uses the full Snow Equipment which makes him a balanced enemy in every category except that his Siege Cannon leaves him vulnerable to counter-attack.


Blizzard can inflict high damage but has slow speed. His weakness is that he mostly concentrates on firing in one direction. So if you are behind him, he wouldn't expect you there. Defeating him is like defeating an elite Masked Viper with a Siege Cannon. His effectiveness at the snow maps is reduced since he is marked with a yellow aura around his body along with a floating gold skull. Also, it will be easy to defend against him with any kind of shotguns since he moves during shooting his siege cannon, which will give bad accuracy.


  • Although the Siege Cannon is good in accuracy and damage when standing still, luckily Blizzard almost NEVER stands still.
  • In the promotional Happy Holidays Sale, Blizzard is present but he uses the Anti Material Sniper.
  • He was the only elite that doesn't wear any gold paid clothes.
  • He can be seen in a poster in Nocturnal Snowfall and Snow Village that suggest him as a ski addict and a tour guide before becoming an elite.


  • Blizzard confronted at level 32.
  • A poster of Blizzard before becoming an Elite.
  • Blizzard (Right) with Santa,Desert and Vulcan Dynamite.
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