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The Black Beret Kit is a limited-time bundle that was first released in the Fastest Gunslinger (Update). It contains a single handgun and a complete set of armors, which, when worn, gives your/any handguns a 10% increase in range, 25% increase in fire rate and reduces 25% of the damage taken from Trap Medal(s). This bundle is available for purchase at the price of $9.99 Dollar1.


Listings Edit

Here are list of prices the bundle was sold and when it was available for purchase.  The list will be updated as the bundle makes another return or sold at a different price.

Note: Prices may vary on your region.


  • Bundle preview
  • Silver Wolf
  • B.B. Headgear
  • B.B. Jacket
  • B.B. Pants



The Punisher's logo look very similar to the logo of this bundle!

  • Both this and the Urban Ops Pack have very similar appearances.
  • Along with the Shock Force Kit, Designated Marksman Kit and the Cadet Kit might share the same manufacturer as they all have a skull resembling the Punisher logo on them.
  • This bundle, both the whole outfit and the choice of weapon itself may be inspired by Barney Ross from The Expendables series, as the both the character wear a long-sleeved black shirt with armor on the outside, along with a black beret with a skull symbol atop.
Barney from Expandables

Barney Ross from the Expendables series.

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