Bio Hazard Confronted In Combat After Unlocking Royal Gardens.

Respawnables Elite Enemy 2 Bio Hazard

Respawnables Elite Enemy 2 Bio Hazard

Bio Hazard is an elite enemy which is introduced at level 6.  


Bio Hazard uses the Blunderbuss - a close-combat weapon similar to the Shotgun, but much more powerful. However, the Blunderbuss has less Range than the Shotgun. If the player encounters Bio Hazard during a match then it is best to counter his close-range equipment with the Little Italy or any other mid/long-range weapon. Do not engage in close range combat with him as his Blunderbuss will kill you if you're not standing underneath his arms.


Bio Hazard Equipment

Bio Hazard's Equipment

He uses the entire zombie set, now known as the Monster Gear which gives him a 15% increase in Health. This makes it extremely painful to take him down, especially with weaker weapons.

Replacement Level Edit

Bio Hazard is replaced with Hammer once the player unlocks the map Headquarters at level 15.


Biohazard View

Bio Hazard, although using one of the best weapons in the game in the hands of skilled players, is easy to defeat, like Bronco. Bio Hazard's 230% Health may threaten you, though don't worry - his close range weapon is his weakness, so take him down from afar. Also, if he targets you with his weapon, you can evade the shots by moving due to the poor Accuracy of Blunderbuss

Note: Bio Hazard, Eagle, Whiplash and Mad Cop all have a vulnerable spot: they cannot fire under their arm. If you charge below his arm, he can't successfully hit you, and you will be protected by him from other bots. He is easy to defeat due to being able to go up close to attack so the Blunderbuss is ineffective, you can also try to attack from long range, rendering the Blunderbuss useless.

Biohazard image

The Monster Gear.


  • The patches on his arm are decorated with a red and black skull pattern. This may be a reference to the Zombies mode in Call of Duty: World at War and Call of Duty: Black Ops.
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