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  • Bio Hazard seen at the shop
  • The Bio Hazard (Zombie) equipment
  • The Zombie equipment was used as monster equipment in the Halloween update for 2014.
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The Bio Hazard Bundle was a bundle that was once available at Level 27. The case is a containment bin with a yellow and black Biological Hazard symbol on it. A purple mold seems to leak from one corner, and it is surrounded by a pink haze. The description reads "Let your enemies try to end your immortality."

This bundle was available for $8.99 Dollar1 but it's not available anymore. NOTICE:The bundle may not be available but the head, body and legs are available in the game costing 45 zombinite each.


The Bio Hazard bundle contains Head, Body, and Legs equipment. and comes with no weapon or gadgets.

Note: All items can be purchased for in-game gold.

Zombie (Head)Edit

A battered green steel helm with brains protruding from the back, with its chin strap loose. Its most noticeable  feature is a machete wedged in the helmet. The wearer's head is changed to a bluish, decayed head with yellow eyes, and a neck brace covers the wearer's neck region.

  • Description: "Brainnnnnns dude!"
    Bio Hazard Equipment

    Bio Hazard's Equipment

  • Bonus: +5% Health
  • Cost: 150 GoldIcon 45 zombinite

Zombie (Body)Edit

A desecrated blue vest with green sleeves. A utility belt hangs from the left shoulder, and armbands  embroidered with a red-and-black skull decorate the wearer's arms. An axe protrudes from the user's upper back. The user's lower arms and hands are now mottled and have a cyan hue.

  • Description: "An undead radioactive body: sounds great!"
  • Bonus: +5% Health
  • Cost: 125 GoldIcon 45 zombinite

Zombie (Legs)Edit


BioHazard Confronted in Combat after unlocking royal Gardens

A pair of ragged, green pants with a belt on the right leg. A metallic kneecap is on the left leg, and unlike all other implemented legs, the wearer has a bare left bare foot. The wearer's legs are changed to have a decayed, tealish color. Unlike the other equipment in this bundle, this does not have weapons stuck in it. (Aside from a small stake sticking into the leg.)

  • Description: "A pair of creepy-looking, rotten legs."
  • Bonus: +5% Health
  • Cost: 75 GoldIcon 45 zombinite
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