Headquarters Bewitched Cropped

Bewitched Headquarters is a map that was added in the Ghostbusters (Event) as a special version of the map Headquarters which it replaced, but it wasn't until the Soldiers Graduation (Update) that it became an entirely separate map of its own while the old Headquarters made a return. This map also shows many of the new gadgets and weapons released during the Ghostbusters 30th (Event). There's even a layout print of the Proton Glove on one of the walls, along with the AtomDrome's symbol on one of the flags!

Strategy Edit

Pretty much the same as the original but with two major differences. First, the dark lighting will hinder your visibility, meaning enemies can kill you unexpectedly. Second, there have been slight changes to the map so plan ahead or pay the price. You can actually sneak into some of the stairs and ambush unwary enemies.

  • The AtomDrome's symbol as shown on one of the flags!
  • The Proton Gun on the wall!
  • A layout print of the weapons.
  • A Proton Grenade on the table.
  • Another blueprint!