The Barker Shotgun is an energy-based Shotgun that was added in the Chinese New Year 4 (Update). It is included in the Metal Earth Pack.


A very unreliable weapon from almost any distance, as up close, where all Shotguns are supposed to serve their purpose, this weapon seems to fit in no range category, as with increased damage this weapon still is far from perfect, and at range this, along with any other close range weapon, loses damage drastically. More importantly, for the expanding meta, this energy shotgun is severely outclassed by its own weapon class, and furthermore, it can me nullified. Even with a one clip reload, and decent magazine size at that, this weapon rate of fire is to slow for its damage and can be avoided fairly easily.

Comparably to most Shotguns though, this weapon works best in a Run And Gun strategy, where enemies can be taken down with ammo to spare. With this weapon, do avoid Shotguns, Heavy Weapons, Bows, and Assault Weapons.

Analysis Edit

Advantages Edit

  • Able to be buffed by various energy and shotgun buffing armors.
  • High agility.
  • Decent Mag size
  • Active Skill can disable the effects of enemies' gadgets.

Disadvantages Edit

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