• Arnold using a Ballisitc Knife in the movie Commando
  • Real Life Ballistic Knives
  • Firing a Ballistic Knife
  • The Ballistic Knife (gadget) as seen in game!
  • The range of the gadget is fairly long!

The Ballistic Knife is a gadget that was introduced in the Road To Glory event. It costs 25 GoldIcon for a pack of 10 knives. When used, it fires a knife in a straight path, and if it hits a player, it instantly kills them.

Strategy Edit

This gadget is quite difficult to use, though the effects are rewarding. It instantly kills all people that are hit by it, and can do so from range, although the effective range is not that far. It is best used against people who are standing still, such as snipers, and slow moving targets, such as heavy weapons users. It is somewhat hard because there is no indication of where your knife is going, so you must estimate where it will go and know if you can get a good shot at your target before firing or you may waste a knife and, worst of all, die.

It also serves as a good backup weapon for stationary people such as snipers, as it works best at close range and can take out agile targets such as Snake Predator and Vulcan Dynamite.


  • The Ballistic Knife is used by the Russian Special Forces "Spetnaz" to defuse hostage situations.
  • The Ballistic knife is widely mentioned in other video games, such as the Call Of Duty franchise.
  • It cannot kill Elite Enemies when they have full health.
  • It can be acquired in the Road To Glory event
  • It has the fastest gadget cooldown speed.
  • Its the first melee weapon (sort of) introduced in the game.
  • You will run faster for a short time when using it, similar to the Spotter.
  • It has been buffed in the Soldiers Graduation (Update), dealing huge damage equivalent to twice an unarmored player's health.
    • Players who have Zombie Bull equipped and an additional health increase will survive a hit from this gadget.
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