The Aztec Necklace is an MX tagged Body Armor added in the Mexican Fiesta 3 (Update).

Appearance Edit

The Aztec Necklace is an elaborate gold circular plate covering the player's lower neck and upper chest area. The necklace is adorned with blue and green feathers surrounding the edges and a bird-like symbol hanging off the base of the necklace.

In the stomach area, there is an intricate belt which is covered with engraved gold with green and red borders.

In addition, there are 2 golden bracelets on each arm and the upper portion of each arm are colored red.

Function Edit

During the duration of action of the Medikit, the player will be immune to all poison and fire weapons ammo and their damage over time effects, making it very useful for dealing with Heavy Maskaleon and Toxic Shotgun users. However, if Medikit is used before the player receive poison or fire damage, it won't heal the player from fire and poison.

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